Fun with Cardboard

I’ve been playing around with making boxes out of old boxes. I plan on using them to protect Tinysaurs during shipping.
Fun with cardboard

The design was done in QCAD, and inexpensive CAD program. I started using QCAD after I got frustrated with Corel Draw. QCAD has a steep-ish learning curve. Here’s what I did to get the irregular octagonal shape. Command-line commands are in italics:

  1. Make a rectangle to the desired exterior dimensions (3×2 in this case) linerectangle
  2. Bevel each corner (lengths 1 and 3 set to 0.33″) bevel [x 4]
  3. Round each vertex (radius 0.1″) round [x 8]
  4. Select All selectall
  5. Create a new polyline from the segments og
  6. Draw an equidistant polyline (distance -0.25) oq

The source for the box is available in SVG format, download the box here.

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