Domestic Adventures: Cat 6 Ethernet and Daily Calendars

Things have been quieter over here lately, but busy on Kellbot’s Domestic Adventures, the part of my blog dedicated to home and personal posts. It’s a little tricky to balance what goes where, so for overlap posts I’ll provide a summary. If you’re not reading it, here’s some of what you’ve missed:

Wiring for Cat 6 Ethernet

It’s been a little ┬átricky to balance what posts go where, especially when they’re home improvement hacks. The second post in the series about our home network is now up!

A script to generate a daily chore calendar

Cleaning Calendar

Because I’m a slob, I have to have a daily check list every day to tell me to clean up. I converted an old page-a-day calendar into a daily chore checklist, with help from Ruby and ImageMagick.


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