The Death Cry of an iPod

Since I viagra online in spain moved to New Jersey and stopped biking to, or even going to, an office, I haven’t used my iPod much. For the last year it has languished in a drawer as newer and fancier generations of iPod are released. My iPod’s reluctance to awake from its slumber is by […]

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Sparkfun Free Day

Sparkfun, who sell a variety of electronics doodads, held a cheap real viagra england “free day” wherein they essentially gave a $100 credit to the first $100,000 worth of people who claimed it. It’s was pretty good marketing ploy, with press on all your favorite geek blogs. The promo ran from 9am to 11pm or […]

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

I have to admit, I’m more than a little confused by Mark Frauenfelder’s contribution to Mac|Life’s “Apple Products of the Future” article. Specifically, I’m astounded that nowhere in the article does it give attribution to Makerbot, despite drawing liberally from Makerbot’s design. Makerbot The imaginary iMake I’m not sure if Frauenfelder himself directed the “finished […]

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Liveblogging a Comic Con

Today and tomorrow I’m selling Tinysaurs at King Con, a comic and animation convention in Brooklyn. Unlike other shows I’ve done this year, I have neither my intrepid booth-mate Sara nor my faithful sherpa boyfriend Chris to keep me company. It’s just me sitting at my booth, trying not to go stir crazy (things are […]

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One kitten forward, three kittens back

On Tuesday morning we took our foster kitten Vader back to Liberty Humane Society. At over 2 lbs he was ready to be fixed and adopted out. He seems to be completely recovered from his surgery and was climbing all over his cage like a monkey. The shelter staff said his size and personality should […]


Tinysaur Factory

Big things have been afoot in Tinysaurland. I’m putting together a huuuge wholesale order for a well-known retailer. I’m not sure if I can say who yet. I’m also preparing for Crafty Bastards, a huge awesome craft show in Washington DC. The past few weeks have been spent scaling up my production. It’s something I […]


Hold Up Your Pants!

At long last, I got all of the belt buckles I’ve been slowly designing and cutting listed on Etsy. There are currently 5 different designs in a variety of color combinations. I have a few more designs (including a Lego which I want to write a Corel Draw tutorial for) which I’ll post once they’ve been […]

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Last Chance for Beginning PHP!

 If you’ve been considering signing up for Beginning PHP, do it quick! The class is this coming Sunday! The class is geared towards people with no prior programing experience,  so don’t be intimidated if you aren’t too handy with variables and functions. So sign up! Sign up now!

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Kitten Tragedy

Yesterday we took the kittens in for their shots and deworming. The vet said they looked healthy, and while they were irritated by the journey in the cat carrier, they were doing well. Unfortunately when we got home last night, the dark grey kitten had passed away. We’re not sure exactly why, it could have […]


Kitten Foster Care

 Last Thursday I went to volunteer orientation at Liberty Humane Society. In addition to needing volunteers to do things like clean cages and walk dogs, they mention needing kitten fosters. A shelter isn’t a great place for any animal, it’s noisy and stressful, but kitten in particular tend to pick up illnesses, so they’re always […]