Hold Up Your Pants!

Blast Off!

At long last, I got all of the belt buckles I’ve been slowly designing and cutting listed on Etsy. There are currently 5 different designs in a variety of color combinations. I have a few more designs (including a Lego which I want to write a Corel Draw tutorial for) which I’ll post once they’ve been tweaked a little more. I’m still getting used to the tolerances of the acrylic. Lines have to be much farther apart than on paper!


The belts are $25 with belt, $20 without. They’re making their craft show debut at Crafty Bastards (which, while we’re on the subject, Vote for Tinysaur!). I’m a little nervous about making and bringing a ton of untested merchandise. But I think they’ll be a hit.

If you’ve got a special request for a design, leave it in the notes!

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