Home Decor

RevolvingDork and I are just getting started preparing our new place for moving day. We have a fair amount we’d like to do, including replacing the current gross carpet, and I think it goes without saying that we’ll need to repaint… This is the walk-in closet off the master bedroom, and though I’m sure someone […]

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Comcast is stupid. Film at 11.

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, Comcast’s customer service is awful. Unfortunately Verizon DSL speeds in our area are a joke, and FiOS hasn’t made it to the neighborhood yet. Because there will be overlap between our condo and the new place, during which we really need internet access at both, I wanted […]


Leaving The City for a New Life

Sharing the news of our pregnancy with friends has been bittersweet. While everyone is excited about our newest addition, not everyone is quite so happy about the other big change coming with it: we’re leaving New York City for Philadelphia in order to be closer to family. We’re ditching our Jersey City condo and plunking […]


Shopping for Homeowner’s Insurance

Any claim I had to “not being a grownup” is slowly slipping away, particularly with my latest task: shopping for homeowner’s insurance. Unlike renter’s insurance, which really just has to cover my stuff, homeowner’s insurance has all these strange and bizarre things it has to cover. The building itself, the stuff inside, and of course […]

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There’s a lot of spazzing about hurricane Irene in the mid-atlantic and New England. And while a hurricane is something to take seriously, they’re also highly unpredictable. Yes, you should prepare yourself, and yes the worst week of my life was going without power for a week after a hurricane, but where I am (just […]

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