Unsolicited Advice for Parents-to-Be

I have about a million pregnant friends right now. Here’s the new parent advice post no one has asked me to write. Because if there is anyone who gets unsolicited advice, it is new moms. The first few months might totally suck, or they might not. Some babies come out cooing adorable blobs who sleep […]

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Making Baby Food Pouches

Remember how I gave up on making baby food because it was crushing me emotionally? Well, these days I have a toddler brimming with teeth, and even a few molars in there. You’d think I’m well past the woolly world of pureed vegetables. You’d think that at 15 months, my daughter would be shoveling finger […]

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Loss and Hope

A few weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. I admit I wasn’t entirely thrilled at first, having hated being pregnant the first time around. But I slowly came around to the idea, and started getting really excited about adding another little blob to our family. On Friday I went to the midwife’s office, […]



At 13 months, Bitmap is starting to talk. Her first word was “Bye” a few months ago, which she now says emphatically any time she’s tired of being somewhere. She has a vocabulary of about 8 words: hi, bye, mama, dada, more, banana, cracker, and doggy. She says ‘nana for banana, and has yet to differentiate between mama and dada (but knows that they’re words for her parents).

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Travelling with a baby

Recently RevolvingDork and I headed to Detroit for a wedding. We have been doing a lot of traveling with Bitmap recently and we’re finally starting to get good at it. At the airport and on the plane Bitmap had her own seat on the plane, and we brought along her car seat to use. We […]

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So this happened

While sitting in traffic on the way to daycare this morning, I got rear-ended. The guy behind me accidentally nailed the gas instead of the brake, which sent me careening into the car in front of me. Oof. My first instinct was to panic. I had no idea what to do so I called the […]


Tantrum Time

I read the book Bringing Up Bebe, which I have mixed feelings about, but it did make me realize I need to stop hovering over her all the time. And that provided she is not bleeding, it is OK to finish what I am doing before tending to her.


9 Months!

I guess my inability to post more than once a month disqualifies me for mommy blogger of the year. The truth is, between parenting, my new gigs, and trying to have a little bit of a life it’s really hard to find time to write. Bitmap is getting HUGE. She’s crawling like crazy, and starting […]

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Sick Baby

Poor Bitmap has a cold, she’s been bringing them home from daycare on a regular basis. Which means that I’ve also had a cold pretty much nonstop for the last month. This one has hit her the hardest, she spent most of yesterday snoozing.   I did finally get around to making her a new […]

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  Christmas is practically a week-long event in our family, and this year was no exception. It’s our first Christmas in our new house, and we were very excited to get a tree. Our first stop of Christmasfest 2012 was a Christmas Eve dinner at RevolvingDork’s grandmother’s. She moved into an “active seniors” community last […]

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