9 Months!

I guess my inability to post more than once a month disqualifies me for mommy blogger of the year. The truth is, between parenting, my new gigs, and trying to have a little bit of a life it’s really hard to find time to write.

483761_10101018516082656_2077340170_nBitmap is getting HUGE. She’s crawling like crazy, and starting to stand up independently. She’s so good at crawling though that she doesn’t really seem that into walking. But we went to the play area at the local mall and she had a blast.

I wanted to get a jogging stroller now that it’s starting to thaw out, but didn’t want to drop $200+ on something I wasn’t sure I’d use. So I asked the local mom’s mailing list if anyone had one I could borrow for a week. I got 3 offers from people who had unused joggers they just wanted out of the house. So for a grand total of $0 I got two joggers, one for here and one to keep at my in-laws’ house down at the shore. Which is good because neither of them fold very easily so I’m not sure how I’d fit them in our car.

The calm before the shots.
The calm before the shots.

She had her 9 month check up and everything looks good. She’s up to 18 pounds, 8 ounces which is average for her age, and 2’3″ long. Also she still has a 90th percentile head. I guess she’ll grow into it?

Meanwhile I’m doing a bunch of knitting, and finally finished a sweater I made for a friend’s baby. Bitmap was gracious enough to model it for me before I put it through the wash to soften it up.


My next big project is to organize my office, which is a mess because there isn’t a place for everything so I just put it all on the floor. But every time I sit down to do some organizing I get overwhelmed and quit, so we’ll see if that one happens any time soon. Right now Bitmap isn’t allowed in my office because there are way too many things that could hurt her, and she gets in to everything.

Oof, I can’t believe it’s March already.

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