Tinysaur at ThinkGeek!

I’m not sure how I neglected to mention this before… Tinysaur is now cheap viagra available for sale at ThinkGeek! They’ve got the T-Rex and Triceratops, hooray! So if you want a Tinysaur but also needed to pick up some Star Trek Interactive Tribbles, you can now get all your geeky geeky toys in one […]

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Crafty Bastards and Tinysaurs Under Glass!

First thing’s first: if you haven’t already, vote for Tinysaur in the Craftiest Bastard Contest. If you live in the DC metro area, come by the show on Saturday, October 3 (eek, that’s tomorrow!). The show is in Adams Morgan, details can be found on the Crafty Bastards webste. I’m excited because I’ve got some […]

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This time of year I’m ordering a lot of supplies for Tinysaur. Over the next few days I have no less than 7 shipments of tins, bottles, tweezers, and paper headed my way. Yesterday’s shipment, a single order, consisted of 5 boxes weight over 100 pounds total. Oh yes, the UPS man knows where I […]

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Bad First Impressions

Currently all my retail Tinysaur stuff is sold through Etsy.com. But lately I’ve been checking out some new venues, as Etsy’s toolset falls a little short for the volume of sales I do, and I feel like they’ve neglected the grassroots marketing aspect of the site. So I set out in search of someone who […]


Your Own Domain + Etsy

I’m slowly purging all references to my Etsy shop from my business cards, ads, etc because I want more control over by branding. Although I don’t have any short term plans to set up my own shopping cart I want to be a little more prepared if I do decide to. I’ve set up http://shop.everythingtiny.com […]


6 Common Photo Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

There are some photo mistakes I see over and over and over on Etsy. The good news is they’re easy to fix, and can make a huge difference in your photos. One thing you do need is a decent camera. I have both a digital SLR (a Canon Rebel XT) and a point and shoot […]


Send Me Your Awful Photos

edit: thanks everyone who submitted photos, the post is now up here! I want to write an article on how to improve your photos, but I feel like it would be a little self serving to just throw up pictures of my own work, take better photographs, and tell you how great I am now. […]


The Secret to Selling on Etsy

Every now and then I peek into the Etsy forums to gather information. It’s a good place to crowdsource… tons of people killing time on the internet who LOVE to share their opinion with you. Invariably I see a thread asking about what the secret is to sell on Etsy, how people get so many […]


Getting Legit

Today was spent filling out forms, paying fees, and otherwise transforming Everything Tiny from a fly-by-night sole proprietorship to a legitimate LLC. I’ve waited until this long for a couple reasons…. for one I’m moving to New Jersey on Sunday, and it seemed stupid to set everything up in New York just to have to […]


Managing Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale accounts are great. You move a ton of product with minimal effort compared to retail sales, and if things go well you’ll have a nice steady stream of repeat business. When I first started wholesaling I realized I was going to need a better way of keeping track of orders and payments than just […]

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