Bro, do you even lift?

13408728544_d44d13d94c_oI’ve become a little obsessed with weight lifting. Unlike a lot of other exercise, it has very linear and easy to track data. Whereas running involves complicated variables like pacing and terrain, weight lifting is pretty consistent from week to week so it seems easier to hit a new record in at least one metric.

I go to a PlanetFitness,  a cheap gym that caters to noobs and people who want to do endless cardio. They don’t have much in terms of barbell weights, but they have a full rack of dumbbells and a couple cable towers so I can get most of what I want to done with no problems. The only thing I really dislike is having to do deadlifts and squats on a Smith Machine. The Smith Machine seems universally reviled by people who lift because it limits the motion you do, making for an inefficient workout that doesn’t translate well to free weights. If at the end of the year I’ve totally crushed all my lifting goals, I might consider upgrading to a gym with a real weight area.

The more I learn about exercise and getting into shape, the more frustrated I get with stupid “fitspo” images on Pinterest. In a fit of rage I created fucknofitness.tumblr.com to snark on all the stupid diets and workout routines that promise to help you ditch 5 lbs and “tone up your arms by Tuesday.” A thigh gap is not on my list of goals, thank you.

I’m making good progress with getting into shape for my aerial silks performance. I can now get through the act straight through, and have the choreography pretty much set. Now I have to focus on not looking like I am dying up there. My cousin said to me, “don’t take this the wrong way, but you make that look HARD.”


I’ll take it as a compliment, because it IS hard.

I’m down 12 pounds from my starting weight at the end of January. I originally set my weight loss goal at 125 lbs, but I’m down to 130 and am pretty happy with how I look so now I’m just focusing on getting stronger. I took another silhouette photo two weeks ago, and there’s definitely a noticeable change in my shape.


Obviously the photos don’t line up perfectly, my head hasn’t magically gotten narrower (although I did get a haircut). I did my best to shrink/squash the two photos so they’re as similar as possible, lining up my hands and shoulders (which aren’t going to move around or change much). A lot of the neck thinning is due to the angle I was looking in the first photo, but the weight loss in my midsection is real.

I’ve settled into a regular routine for working out and stick to it most days.

Mondays: Silks performance prep
Tuesdays: 2 miles of running + weight lifting
Wednesdays: 2 miles of running + weight lifting
Thursdays: Stationary cycling with my mom, silks practice
Friday: Handbalancing
Saturday: 5k run + weight lifting

Sunday is a day of rest, like God intended!

Every other week or so I’ve been meeting with a trainer to make sure I’m not overworking any one area. The trainer works with a lot of clients who do circus aerials, so he’s able to tailor my workouts to fit my aerials schedule. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of staying well rounded until he showed me some leg and tricep exercises. I couldn’t walk normally or lift my arms for a solid day and a half.

I’m up to three consecutive pull-ups and making steady progress with the rest of my lifting.

This January the whole family is going to Disney World for the Run Disney runs (5k through marathon). I plan on doing the 10k and most everyone else is doing the half marathon. Once the aerials showcase is over I’ll start doing a lot more running.

My running playlist is pretty played out. Any suggestions for favorite running music would be greatly appreciated!

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