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Baby Modeling

The owner of the local yarn store is nice enough to let Bitmap and I hang out there when we need to get out of the house. Bitmap stopped squirming just long enough to model a hat for her.


2 thoughts on “Baby Modeling”

  1. That is awesome they let you hang out there. Getting out is so necessary for ones sanity. The little guy and I normally go on walks when we need to get out, but with it getting colder, I’m having to come up with backup plans. :/

    Have you heard of this? My wife has gone there a couple times and it sounds awesome.

    It’s not in your area, but maybe there’d be an audience for something like that where you are?

    1. I saw that! A friend of mine who hopes to be pregnant soon suggested starting something similar out here.

      Honestly, I have no idea what most full time moms do all day to stay sane. I’m working 12 hours a week now, and the rest of the time is spent aimlessly wandering the neighborhood and attempting to befriend the local shopkeepers so I can get some much needed adult conversation.

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