Register for the 48 Hour Hackathon!

Don't viagra prescription forget to register for the hackathon! It's totally free, but we're asking folks to sign up so we can get an idea of how many people to expect!

NYC Resistor's first 48 hour hackathon will run from 6pm Friday, Feburary 12 to 6pm Friday, February 14. At the end of the hackfest there will be time to share your projects as well as exciting prizes for the most awesome hacks.

You can work by yourself or with a team, and if you don't have a team/project we'll assign you to one. Projects we've heard buzz about include:

  • Re-enabling the 1930's teletype
  • Building props to do a trivia quiz. Buzzers, lights, etc
  • Subway wifi radio station aka "Radio Free MTA"


The format is open, you're welcome to come and go as you please. We'll keep the Club Mate flowing and follow a loose schedule of demos and workshops to help spark your imagination. PS, interested in giving a demo of some sort at the hackathon? Contact Kelly!

Friday, Feb 12

6pm – 8pm: Intros and whatnot. There's no formal registration, but it would be nice if folks introduced themselves and what they're working on

8pm – 12am: hack hack hack hack hack

Saturday, Feb 13

12am-4pm: hack hack hack hack

Afternoon-ish: Makerbot demo! Watch as Widget produces widgets with his magical printing device!

12pm – 2pm: Soldering lab! Practice your soldering skills. We'll have some of the TV-Be-Gone kits on hand for folks who want to learn to solder (or just irritate employees at Best Buy)

4pm – 6pm: GO EAT SOMETHING. We'll need to make space for the Audio Fun with Coils class from 4-6, so it's a good excuse to get some food, take a shower, reunite with your kids, etc.

4pm – 12am:  hack hack hack hack hack

Sunday, Feb 14

12am – 5pm: hack hack hack hack

7am: Late night breakfast. We'll strike out for food before the valentine's day brunchers are even awake.

5pm: PRESENTATIONS! Everyone will get a few minutes to show off what they did. We promise this won't be long and painful. 

5:45- 6pm: We'll award awesome awards, tidy up, and have you all home in time for Valentine's dinner.

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