Minecraft Philadelphia Art Museum

Notes for the build of the art museum on our minecraft server.

General building dimensions:

167 meters wide
130 meters deep


Center line @x 315

Point A @ 361, 77, 2

Steps dimensions:

36 meters wide
44 meters deep (adjusted from real life dimensions of 54m deep, for scale)
11 meters high (this is just an estimate, feel free to go measure them IRL)


Distance from:
top step to sidewall plane: 21m
top step to entrance steps: 70m

entrance steps width: 28m
courtyard width: 93m

Minecraft coordinates:


x axis: 230 to 400 (center line at 315)


x axis: 297 to 333
y axis: bottom of steps at 64
z axis: front step at 66

Reference images

Art-Handling-Facility-Philadelphia-Museum-of-Art-Design-by-Gehry-Partners-LLP Philadelphia-Museum-of-Art-Renovation-by-Frank-Gehry-07

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