Lunch #2: Un-bento

Chris stayed home today, so I didn't pack him a lunch. I still made him one, I just served it on a plate instead of cuddling it natural viagra pills all up in a box.

In what I'm sure is an affront to all japanese cooking, I made something that can best be described as hot dog sushi.

The lunch consists of:

  • Fresh red pepper slices
  • hot dog sushi: slices of hot dog on heart shaped rice balls wrapped in nori (seaweed)
  • baby spinach
  • a brownie

Chris said the hot dog sushi was good, and unlike anything he'd eaten before. The texture of sushi doesn't generally anticipate the flavor of hot dog. But after the surprise wore off it was indeed delicious.

I made Japanese rice for the first time today. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've successfully made rice of any kind. I washed it yesterday evening and let it soak overnight.

I don't have any official rice molds, but I do have a silicone ice cube tray I got from Ikea.

I greased half of them with some vegetable oil as an experiment. Definitely do this, it makes it much easier to get the rice out and maintain the shape. You can tell in the picture below which ones had sticking problems. I'll probably get some nonstick spray next time I'm at the grocery store, they're kind of a pain to grease by hand.

I started packing with a wooden spatula, but eventually just pushed the rice in with my hands. Make sure your hands are wet or the rice will just stick to them hopelessly. I kept a bowl with a little water in it nearby.

Oh, and what did I eat today? Yesterday's bento. After sending Chris off to work with his and blogging about it, I forgot mine at home.

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  1. I saw someone use plastic wrap as a way to get the shapes out from cookie cutters. But it wasn’t for something as small as ice cube shapes. Do you think laying plastic wrap across the surface and then pushing it into the hole with rice would even work?

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