Best ever use of a cardboard box

I took a cardboard Uline box downstairs for recycling, and while it was patiently waiting to be taken out the kittens discovered it. And they love it. They loved the box so much that rather than take it out, I decided to convert it into a kitten gym. I taped the top shut and then […]


On Foster Kittens

As of last week, we have a new batch of foster kittens. We foster from Liberty Humane Society, and keep the kittens until they’re big enough to be fixed and adopted out (2 lbs). Anyone who follows me on Twitter/Facebook knows that our fostered kittens tend to have a stream of health problems. A few […]


Staying Awesome While You're Unemployed

I’ve never been without a job (or three) for very long, but It’s been a little over a year now since I’ve had an employer. While self-employment has its ups and downs, I’ve been doing pretty well. Looking back at the past year, I think it’s because I’m constantly moving at 1000 miles an hour. […]


Healthcare Fail.

I haven’t been listening to much of the healthcare political banter because honestly I don’t think it’s going to get anywhere. Universal healthcare sounds great, except for the fact that the healthcare still sucks. I’ve been trying to set up a doctor’s appointment with a psychiatrist to see if I have ADHD. I don’t have […]

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Graduate School?

Yes, the earth has stopped rotating. I am officially considering graduate school. People who know me well know that I don’t generally advocate going for a graduate degree. I feel many students are mislead by universities regarding the value of said degrees, and many people would be better served simply getting in some real-world experience. […]


Burning Out

A couple years ago I worked at a scooter shop. Not a lame electric wheel-around-the-grocery-store thing, but vintage gas powered two-stroke oil burning Vespas. And among many other things we did there, we held a rally which had a burnout contest. If you are not familiar with burnouts, its when you manage to keep the […]