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Now that I’m working full-time at an awesome startup downtown I’ve been packing bento lunches again. In addition to being better for me, it’s substantially cheaper than buying lunch in midtown. A wrap or salad at the “usual” place ends up being about $9. Even considering the fact that Chris works from home a few days a week it adds up fast, to about $300 per month. A bento lunch generally comes in under $3.

Today’s lunch consists of a baby spinach salad with peppers, carrots, and mushrooms, and a chicken sandwich with pepperoni. I use fat free cream cheese instead of mayonaise. Fat free cream cheese completely fails as anything I’d want to put on a bagel, but does well in sandwiches. I used “low carb” bread. Low carb bread has a weird spongy texture I really don’t recommend. Stick with the real thing.

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