Every now and then I come across something that I can’t believe someone has taken the time to write. In this case, it’s a DOS emulator for the Nintendo DS, the DSx86. As if there weren’t enough options for extending the DS (homebrew, NES emulation), one man has taken it upon himself to write a […]


3D Modeling by Numbers: Learn to use OpenSCAD

Want to learn to create 3D models, but find the user interface for most 3D modeling programs too infuriating? OpenSCAD may be for you! And we’re ┬áteaching a class on how to use it on Sunday, June 27! OpenSCAD is “The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeler.” Rather than learn tricky user interfaces and navigate seemingly […]

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Fixed: WordPress MU Uploaded Image Display Issues

Just a quick fix for something I couldn’t discount cialis without prescription find earlier: If you’re on shared hosting which has PHP’s safe_mode enabled, you may run into problems with uploading images. Specifically, you can upload images just fine (assuming you’ve configured uploads correctly) but can’t see uploaded files. This is the case on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net […]

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Now that I have a few more runs worth of data, I was able to pick a little bit of information out of the miCoach binaries. There are 40 EXRCS001.BIN files on the device (after the data has been unpacked), each one corresponding to an individual workout. This means you can store up to 40 […]


Importing Data from Magento to PrestaShop

Today I gave up on Magento. It’s a powerful piece of software but it’s still pretty rough around the edges, and the UI and architecture makes it a pain to dive in and debug if something goes wrong. It’s built on Zend, so someone who has spent more time with Zend than I have would […]